White Dove Release

Make your special day a spectacular one to remember with a white dove release, the finishing touch to any special occasion.

What better way to celebrate your love on your special day with a dove release at your Wedding. Or something extra special on a birthday, anniversary, funeral or any other event.

We get very busy through out the year, so why not contact us or fill in our online booking form to see if we are available for you.

The dove has long been a symbol of Freedom, Love, and Peace, viewed worldwide as a messenger of serenity.

The dove is a bird of biblical notoriety, depicted as such in many ancient artefacts on every continent except Antarctica for a very long time.

In Greek & Roman times the release of White Doves was a tradition at weddings and was associated with love & fidelity.

White Dove SocietyWhite Dove Release is pleased to be a member of the International White Dove Society.